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IGNOU Syllabus

IGNOU MAPC Syllabus : The IGNOU Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology is a two-year program designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of psychology. The program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue careers in counseling, therapy, and research. In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the IGNOU MA in Psychology syllabus.

IGNOU MAPC Syllabus Overview

Here you can check IGNOU MAPC Syllabus Overview :

First Year
CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 MPC 001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory 4
 MPC 002 Life Span Psychology 4
 MPC 003 Personality: Theories and Assessment 4
 MPC 004 Advanced Social Psychology 4
 MPC 005 Research Methods in Psychology 4
 MPC 006 Statistics in Psychology 4
 MPCL007 Practicals: Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing 8
Second Year
CourseCode    Course NameCredits 
 MPCE 011 Psychopathology 4
 MPCE 012 Psychodiagnostics 4
 MPCE 013 Psychotherapeutic methods 4
 MPCE 014 Practicum in Clinical Psychology 6
 MPCE 015 Internship 8
 MPCE 016/046 Project/Applied Positive Psychology 6
 MPCE 021 Counseling Psychology 4
 MPCE 022 Assessment in Counselling and Guidance 4
 MPCE 023 Interventions in counseling 4
 MPCE 024 Practicum in Counselling Psychology 6
 MPCE 025 Internship 8
 MPCE 026/046 Project/Applied Positive Psychology 6
 MPCE 031 Organisational Behaviour (OBY) 4
 MPCE 032 Human Resource Development (HRD) 4
 MPCE 033 Organisational Development (OD) 4
 MPCE 034 Practicum: Industrial and Organisational Psychology 6
 MPCE 035 Internship 8
 MPCE 036/046 Project/Applied Positive Psychology 6

Eligibility for IGNOU MA in Psychology

To be eligible for the IGNOU MA in Psychology program, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university. Additionally, candidates must also meet the minimum eligibility criteria set by the IGNOU admission committee.

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Duration of IGNOU MA in Psychology

The IGNOU MA in Psychology program is a two-year program that can be completed within a maximum of 5 years.

For Details of the programme you can visit IGNOU Website

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