IGNOU Revaluation Result – How to Apply and Check Result?

IGNOU revaluation result

IGNOU is a distance learning university in India that offers various programs. One of the exams it conducts is the Term End Examination (TEE), which is held in December. After the result of the TEE is declared, students who are not satisfied with their scores can apply for revaluation online.

Once the university accepts the applications, it will announce the revaluation result on its official website. Students can check their IGNOU revaluation result by visiting the website. We will also provide the link to check the result here.

If you have applied for revaluation for the June/December TEE, you can now check your result online. We have made it easy for you to access the IGNOU Revaluation Result 2023 on this page.

IGNOU Revaluation Result - Important Dates

The application process for revaluation began on February 6th. The university will announce the revaluation result after the process is complete. However, the exact date of the publication of the revaluation result has not been announced yet. Students who have applied for revaluation can keep checking the official website of the university for updates regarding the announcement of the result.

Application for revaluation6th Feb onwards
Publication of revaluation resultTo be announced

IGNOU Revaluation Result - How to Apply

To register for the IGNOU re-evaluation process, follow these steps:

  • Step – 1 Select “Register Online” from the menu.
IGNOU re-evaluation Result Step-1
  • Step – 2  Choose “Re-Evaluation” from the selection menu.
  • Step – 3  Read the general instructions carefully and sign the declaration.
IGNOU re-evaluation Result Step-3
  • Step – 4  Click on “I Agree and Proceed” to complete the registration process.

By following these steps, candidates can successfully register for the IGNOU re-evaluation process.

Details to be filled in IGNOU Revaluation Form

Here is a table showing the details related to the IGNOU revaluation process:

DetailsInformation required
AddressAddress of candidate
Contact numberPhone number of candidate
Name of the candidateFull name of the candidate
Enrolment numberEnrollment number of the candidate
Programme nameName of the program being pursued
Pin codePin code of the candidate’s address
Month and year of examinationDate when the examination was held
Exam centre codeCode of the examination center
Address of examination centreAddress of the examination center
Course codeCode of the course for revaluation
Fee detailsFee details for revaluation request
Marks/Grade obtainedMarks/Grade obtained in the exam
Number of coursesNumber of courses being revaluated

After filling out the form completely, candidates need to send it along with a Demand Draft of Rs. 750 for each course to the appropriate assessment center. The Demand Draft should be made payable to IGNOU and payable in the city where the form is being submitted.

Candidates can also request photocopies of their answer scripts within 45 days of the results being announced. To do so, they must file a request at the appropriate assessment center and provide a Demand Draft of Rs. 100 for each course, payable to IGNOU and payable in the city where the request is being submitted.

How to check IGNOU Revaluation Result 2023?

Here is a step-by-step guide to check IGNOU revaluation results:

  • Step – 1  Open your web browser and go to the official website of IGNOU.
  • Step – 2  Click on the ‘Student Support’ tab located on the top menu.
  • Step – 3  From the drop-down list, select the ‘result’ option.
IGNOU re-evaluation Result Check Step-1
  • Step – 4  You will see all the available results on the screen. Look for the last few sessions revaluation results.
  • Step – 5  Click on the link for the revaluation result you want to check.
  • Step – 6  A login window will appear on the screen. Enter your nine-digit enrollment number in the given field.
  • Step – 7  Click on the ‘submit’ button.
  • The results will appear on the screen, displaying your marks or grade obtained in the revaluation.
IGNOU re-evaluation Result Check Step-4

By following these simple steps, you can easily check your IGNOU revaluation results online.

Things to Do While Applying for IGNOU Revaluation Result

Here are some important points to keep in mind when applying for IGNOU revaluation:

  • First, get a photocopy of your answer sheet to check for any errors in scoring before applying for revaluation.
  • Apply for revaluation only if you are confident that you can score higher than your current marks.
  • After revaluation, if your marks increase, the higher marks will be reflected on your scorecard.
  • If you still fail after revaluation, there is no other way to challenge the results. Your only option would be to apply for the same exam again.

Things to Do If You Fail in IGNOU Revaluation

f you fail in IGNOU revaluation, here are some things you can do:

  1. Apply for improvement exams: You can apply for improvement exams to increase your score in the next exam session.

  2. Seek guidance from your tutor: You can talk to your tutor or counselor for guidance on how to improve your performance.

  3. Consider enrolling in coaching classes: Enrolling in coaching classes can help you to understand the course material better and improve your performance in future exams.

  4. Analyze your mistakes: Analyze the mistakes you made in the exam and work on them to improve your performance.

  5. Take a break and start again: If you feel overwhelmed or stressed out after failing the revaluation, take a break and start preparing again with a fresh mindset.

Remember that failing in one exam does not define your abilities or potential. Stay motivated, work hard and keep trying until you achieve your desired results.

Revaluation or rechecking of answer scripts has resulted in an increase in marks for many students. However, if you haven’t written the answers correctly and expect a good score, revaluation may not be helpful. In such cases, revaluation will not yield any positive outcome, and you will have to take the exam again. So, only challenge the marks given by the university if you are confident about what you have written in the exam.

IGNOU Revaluation Results - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to IGNOU Revaluation Results:

The IGNOU Revaluation process is a procedure where the answer script of a student is rechecked by the university authorities to ensure that there is no error in the original marking.

To apply for IGNOU Revaluation, candidates need to download the Revaluation Form from the official website of IGNOU, fill it and submit it to the respective assessment centre, along with the required fees.

The fee for IGNOU Revaluation is Rs. 750 for each course.

IGNOU Revaluation Results are usually declared within 45 days from the date of submission of the Revaluation Form.

In case a candidate is not satisfied with their IGNOU Revaluation Results, they can apply for a photocopy of their answer script and check for any errors. If they still have doubts, they can apply for re-evaluation.

No, it is not possible to challenge the IGNOU Revaluation Results as the university’s decision is considered final. The only option left in such a case is to appear for the examination again.

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